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Konami Code Easter Egg

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Did you know that the Sons of the Forest has a Konami Code Easter Egg!? Let’s take a look at it.
The Konami Code>

The Konami Code #

If you are not familiar with the Konami Code it is;


It first started on console games back in 1986 which is why the final button is “START”. Keyboards do not have this button, so it is common to replace it with ENTER.

Where To Enter The Code>

Where To Enter The Code #

The Main Menu! Technically you can input this Easter Egg anywhere in the game, but it is ideal to do it on the main menu. Using the code anywhere else in the game may cause some problems with your gameplay that will ultimately require you to restart your game to fix it.

Glitches With It>

Glitches With It #

If you encounter any problems with using the Easter Egg, you can completely close out of the game and relaunch it to fix any problems. It’s not a permanent change that will affect you in any way. However, I wouldn’t mind it becoming an option in the menus to toggle between old/new versions… If you know what I mean Endpoint.

Konami Code History>

Konami Code History #

The Konami Code was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto when he was developing the game Gradius for the NES in 1985. It was intended for testing the game and ultimately stayed in the code for the release of the game for players to make use of it. Over time, this cheat code would go on to live in other Konami games, such as Contra which it became popularized for.

What Does It Do In Sons of the Forest?>

What Does It Do In Sons of the Forest? #

Part of the fun of an Easter Egg is experiencing it yourself, so I didn’t want to say what it did! However, I can understand that the subtlety of this one might not be for everyone. The Easter Egg replaces the music of the game with The Forest’s main menu theme. What I mean by this is the normal Main Menu theme in the Sons of the Forest will change to The Forest’s menu theme. While playing the game the music that normally plays will also be replaced with this soundtrack.


Conclusion #

The Konami Code in Sons of the Forest is the development team’s nod back to the prequel of Sons of the Forest, The Forest. It’s a nice little touch that doesn’t change your game play and provides nostalgia for veteran players of the series.

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