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Deadpoly Coverage

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The Cascual Survivors, Mala Zedik and Katala Swiftwind, officially take on Deadpoly as a game to provide content for.

Welcome #

Hello and welcome to Casual Survivors. We wanted to let everyone know that we will now be providing coverage for Deadpoly starting today. If there is anything you want to know about Deadpoly or want us to create a guide that we do not have for this game, please let us know.


Deadpoly #

What is Deadpoly? A polygon zombie survival looter shooter with base building and crafting. It’s a sandbox survival game. For more information, check out the Steam Store Page for more information and to purchase the game.

The Future>

The Future #

We will continue to provide updates to our other games, such as Sons of the Forest, along with Deadpoly. We will make sure to make a post similar to this whenever we decide to end coverage for a game. So, worry not! We will continue to grow and provide you with content as best as we can!

We are currently looking at the possibility of doing Game Reviews in the future to let the community know which games we have played and why we may not provide coverage for those games. For example, Mala Zedik has played Project Zomboid, however, it is not a game he will cover due to how much time investment is required for the game.

Additionally, we want to remind the readers that this website is a hobby for both Mala Zedik and Katala Swiftwind. As such, the content will continue as we are able to do so while we maintain our full-time jobs.


Conclusion #

Thank you so much for checking out our community! Once again, we will now be providing coverage for Deadpoly and we will continue coverage on Sons of the Forest for the foreseeable future. Additionally, a possible Game Reviews section may come “soon”.

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