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Grounded Patch 1.0.5

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CRASH FIXES Fixed crash that could happen when a client would equip a pet armor to a pet. Fixed crash that could happen when using photo mode while in a turret.

BUG FIXES Major Fixes Natural Explorer no longer deactivates when attacking non-hostile creatures. Loading a save will now cleanup ant hills that have too much food stashed in them causing framerate drops. Mantis fight no longer causes framerate drops. Replaying the Goodbye audio log from Wendell’s SCAB in the Data screen no longer breaks late game quests.

Other Fixes Broodmother Helm’s “Poison Coating” effect should no longer sometimes overwrite/replace other poison effects on creatures The Mantis should no longer sometimes die to fall damage while performing its leap attack Clover Armor set bonus properly applies thirst rate reduction again. Players will no longer lose their equipment when they die while simultaneously swapping weapons and reloading their bow. If a creature is killed by a player summon, that will properly count towards the player for kills and mutation unlocks. Player nameplates no longer sometimes show a knocked out state after reviving players. Client Brainpower score properly matches the host at the Game Report Card screen.