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Deadpoly Vehicle Locations

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All the known locations for the vehicles in Deadpoly. Including all the special vehicles like the Buggy and School Bus.
Deadpoly Vehicles>

Deadpoly Vehicles #

Deadpoly consists of the following vehicle types; Bug, Farm Truck, Hummer, Jeep, Sedan, Truck, and Specials. Of the Special variety, you can find the School Bus, Buggy and Taxi as part of that collection.

Deadpoly Vehicle Controls>

Deadpoly Vehicle Controls #

These are the common and default controls for vehicles in Deadpoly;

  • F: Interact - How you enter the vehicle as the driver or passager.
  • R: Starts the Engine
  • E: Emergency (Hazard) Lights
  • W: Gas (Forward)
  • S: Breaks (Backwards)
  • A: Left Turn
  • D: Right Turn
Deadpoly Vehicle Locations>

Deadpoly Vehicle Locations #

Below is a map of all the known locations that we’ve mapped out.

  • V: Vehicle location
  • H: Hummer location
  • S: School Bus location

Deadpoly Vehicle Map Locations
Right-Click the image and select ‘Open in a new Tab’ and you will be able to zoom further on the image if you are unable to make out the letters on the map.

Hummer, School Bus, and Default Spawning>

Hummer, School Bus, and Default Spawning #

The Hummer and School Bus have a limited spawning location. They are shown on the map as H for Hummer and S for School Bus. Every other vehicle will spawn in the other default locations marked with a V on the map.

Other Deadpoly Maps>

Other Deadpoly Maps #

Make sure to check out our Map Locations guide for more information on other spots of interest in Deadpoly.