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Deadpoly Sedan

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A showcase of the Deadpoly Sedan and what they look like in-game.
Deadpoly Sedan>

Deadpoly Sedan #

There are a few different kinds of Sedans in Deadpoly. We want to showcase them, so you know what to look for and to help you decide which one you like the most!

Sedan Locations>

Sedan Locations #

The Sedans can be found in any of the normal Vehicle spawning locations shown in our Vehicle Locations guide. Head over there and take a look at the map to figure out where you can find one naturally in the game. Besides the map locations, you can find them where other players may have left them around in the world, however, that is only if you are playing multiplayer of course.

Red Sedan>

Red Sedan #

Deadpoly Red Sedan

Blue Sedan>

Blue Sedan #

Deadpoly Blue Sedan

White Sedan>

White Sedan #

Deadpoly White Sedan

Special Sedan>

Special Sedan #

Check out the Special Vehicles showcase for the Taxi version of the Sedan!